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Data Engineering at Expedia Group

My journey towards creating a fast, comprehensive, and usable COVID19 Resources Search Engine

I lost someone close to me recently. He was not a blood relative but I had known him since I was a child. He was that fun uncle I knew. Yes, knew. I lost him to Coronavirus.

Coronavirus or COVID19 has been looming over our heads like an apocalyptic nightmare since last year. With more than 3 million dead and counting, this is the single biggest biological disaster in modern history.

A grim picture of Coronavirus

With the world slowly releasing itself from its clutches, my country — India has suddenly fallen prey to the deadly second wave of it. Thousands have died within weeks…

In a world where data is money, databases are nothing short of banks. However, the great thing about them is their variety. They are of so many types and come with so many choices, that the data engineers like us are spoilt with it. Today let’s talk about one of the better and free ones — the Google Sheet

Google Sheet is known for its spreadsheet-like functionality and more. However, not many people realize that with its cloud-based approach of storing the data, greater row limit (5 Million compared to 1.1 Million in MS Excel), and 200 sheets per file…

Remember those conversations between BI engineers when we randomly recommended reporting tools to each other? No? Just me? Okay!

Nevertheless, whenever I have had those conversations, Tableau has been my number one choice of recommendation. This is simply based on the fact that Tableau has time and again proved itself to be the best friend of analysts and BI developers to visualize data in a simple (sorry Power BI users!), and flawless manner. Additionally, its impressive and experienced community is a huge helping hand, making the tool a very dependable one.

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But, while Tableau is great to visualize data, can…

Recently someone in my organisation asked me about ways of backing up our performance metrics data. While having backup tables is one of the standard ways of doing it, I, super paranoid about the safety and resilience of our database started thinking about other alternatives alongside a database backup that would not shrink our wallets dry and would also provide additional features in addition to the required safety and resiliency.

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Walking down that lane, two solutions came to my mind. One was having offline backups on our Microsoft Onedrive storage which was provided to us for backing up our local…

With analytics taking over every aspect of our lives, it has now become a mandate for data engineers like us to ensure that the insights are always available on the go.

Be it a financial project where transactions are happening every minute, or a key performance metrics project where values are judged to power important process changes and decisions, the availability of the numbers have to be correct, easy and instant.

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With world around us moving at warp speed, we communicate with each other mostly using messenger applications like Slack, Telegram or Whatsapp since it undeniably runs at par in…

There is no question about the brilliance of the Pandas library. One of the most used libraries in data science, Pandas is a household name for data scientists, analysts and general data enthusiasts.

Abhik Chakraborty

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